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AURIGA® Ltd. built and operates the only specialized center for thanatopraxy treatment and enablement of the bodies of the deceased. This center is used not only for the company’s operation but also to teach embalming to students from the Czech Republic and Germany.

  • After two years of studying, the company owners, as the only ones in the Czech Republic, obtained a diploma to perform the higher hygienic treatment and embalming of the deceased.

  • The aim of thanatopraxy of the deceased is their treatment for the funeral – for exhibition, prevention of decomposition processes for a certain period of time, cosmetic treatment and careful protection of the health of the employees in the funeral houses and of the surviving relatives and other persons.

Another, just as important role is the correction of aesthetical and hygienic defects of the body of the deceased, such as those caused by illnesses, etc. Concentration of liquid and the treatment method are determined in order to prevent decomposition of the body at least until the burial or transport of the deceased abroad.

Funeral Home AURIGA® Ltd. is a holder of Czech concession for performing these activities and two of its embalmers, JUDr. et Mgr. Petr Rambousek and Helena Vyskočilová, are members of the German Institute for Thanatopraxy (Deutsches Institut für Thanatopraxie GmbH in Düsseldorf – and also holders of German licenses. 

Thanatopraxy room

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